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Walnut Blasting

Engine lacking power or poor economy?

There is an issue affecting most car gas engines these days, that is a direct result of two fundamental changes in the design of current combustion engines. Upgraded emission requirements, and direct injected engines. The result is the intake valves are getting large amounts of carbon build up on the intake valves, affecting the performance, fuel economy, and just normal operation of the engine. We hear our customers say, " I have no check engine light, but my engine doesn't pull like it used to", "my fuel economy is dropping, yet I don't have any check engine lights", "my engine stumbles on acceleration". All of these comments and more can often be attributed to the carbon build up on the intake valves.

What can be done?

There are a couple of approaches. Direct fix (Walnut blasting of the intake valves), and indirect (adding an additive to the system of the engine (not just adding to the fuel)). Adding a cleaning agent to the fuel does not clean the intake runners or valves.

Russell Keeler Automotive  now offer the WALNUT BLASTING SERVICE, and has the proper equipment and elements to do the full cleaning of the intake tract and intake valves (only a few dealers and  independent workshops have the complete equipment to do this service).

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