Environmental Sustainability

By making sure your vehicle is well maintained and running efficiently you can help to reduce your vehicle's impact on the environment.

At Auto Super Shoppes we do our part too. As industry leaders in environmental stewardship, we recycle our oils, batteries, tyres, plastics and more, keeping harmful materials from the environment and reducing the amount of raw materials being needed for making new products.

Together with our partners and suppliers we are actively involved in community restoration projects and appreciate all the support we get from our customers in helping us to do so.

You can help reduce the environmental impact of your vehicle

While electric vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles are becoming more common, most New Zealand drivers still rely on petrol or diesel-powered cars as their primary means of transport. If you are a driver of a petrol or diesel car, there are several steps you can take to reduce the environmental impact of your vehicle.

Firstly, regular maintenance and servicing of your car can help to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. This includes things like keeping your tyres properly inflated, changing the oil and air filters as recommended, and ensuring that the engine is well tuned and running smoothly. Aggressive driving, rapid acceleration, and excessive idling can also contribute to increased emissions and reduced fuel efficiency.

Another important step you can take to help is to ensure the workshop servicing your vehicle does their part in protecting the environment by responsibly recycling the waste generated from car servicing and repairing your car. Ask your mechanic about what they do with your waste oil, old batteries, replaced oil filters and containers.

How Auto Super Shoppes help protect your environment

Auto Super Shoppes are industry leaders in recycling, and our Enviro Program sees that every step available is taken to minimise the impact your vehicle has on our beautiful country, by recycling locally and caring nationally, but that's not the only way we care.

Below are some of the ways we taking action across New Zealand to be more sustainable and protecting our environment for the future generations:

Minimising waste

At Auto Super Shoppes we are very mindful that our industry has the potential be harmful to the environment, so we take steps every day to reduce that chance.

Our Enviro Program is an industry first in New Zealand, where we have partnered with our members and suppliers to provide a program that makes it easy for our workshops to recycle the waste oil, old oil filters and empty plastic oil containers that are generated from servicing our customers' cars. Not only is our oil change and car servicing related waste collected, it's turned into new products such as plastic fence posts, construction materials and clean burn energy. Follow the link below to find out more.

Additional to our Enviro Program we also work with our suppliers and industry partners across other waste materials and old products.

All car batteries that are replaced by an Auto Super Shoppe are recycled and the plastics, lead and harmful acids are prevented from entering our landfills and waterways. Car batteries are highly recyclable and the materials recovered are used for manufacturing new batteries and other products.

By recycling your old car and truck tyres, Auto Super Shoppes workshops reduce the amount of old tyres sent to landfills, conserve natural resources, and help create new products from materials that might otherwise also go to waste.

Auto Super Shoppes even have a sustainable range of workshop and corporate uniforms made from recyclable raw materials or from recycled products. We are always looking at ways we can do our bit.

Community Projects

Auto Super Shoppes have partnered with Bapcor NZ and Trees for Survival in our "Planting for the Planet" initiative.

Trees for Survival is a charitable trust which works with schools and local communities to grow and plant native trees along waterways and on erosion prone hillsides.

Their environmental education programme provides an opportunity for school children to make a practical difference to their environment as well as learn about conservation, revegetation, wetland restoration and protecting stream quality. Auto Super Shoppes contributes

Managers from Bapcor and Auto Super Shoppes assist students from Northcote School plant close to 1000 native New Zealand trees in Dairy Flat Auckland (June 2022)