Car Battery Replacement

Modern vehicles use a variety of car battery technologies depending on the make and model of the vehicle, and its electrical system demands and performance requirements.

Auto Super Shoppes technicians have the knowledge to recommend the correct battery for your vehicle and the proper equipment and training to safely test, replace and recycle your old battery preventing the hazardous waste entering the environment.

More info about car battery replacement

Lead-acid batteries are the most common type of battery used in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and have been used by vehicle manufacturers for decades. They come in various types, the two main ones being calcium/calcium maintenance free batteries and open top maintainable batteries.  Both designs are lead-acid batteries and are often interchangeable  

Many modern or European car batteries are Absorbent Glass Mat, known as AGM batteries. These batteries are a type of lead-acid battery but use a different electrolyte that is absorbed by a fiberglass mat. They are more expensive but have specific features and characteristics suited to their application. AGM batteries cannot be replaced by alternative types of batteries, such as maintenance free batteries, as the vehicles electrical system is specifically designed to operate with and maintain AGM batteries only.  

There are several other types of technologies such as Stop/Start, Hybrid Electric, and Plug in full Electric vehicles that each have specific automotive battery requirements. The Auto Super Shoppes team can provide you with the right advice and quality batteries with manufacturers warranties of up to 40 months to ensure your vehicle operates properly and starts reliably.

It is important to note that car batteries contain hazardous chemicals and should be handled with care.

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