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Russell Keeler Automotive - Specialist Services

ADAS advanced driver aid system calibration and repair

New cars have special safety systems called ADAS that can give warnings, brake, or alter steering if it thinks it needs to. Make sure your sensors are well-calibrated today.

Walnut Blasting/Decarboning

Cleaning carbon from your engine can be really tough and take a lot of time. But walnut blasting is a special way to clean it without having to take the whole engine apart. It saves money and is much quicker!

Exhaust System Specialist and Sales

Our specialised technicians can you help diagnose, repair, or supply you with a brand new exhaust system. At Russell Keeler, we're confident in our exhaust services.

LPG installations and servicing

We install & service LPG, also known as "autogas" or propane, is a special type of gas to power vehicles. It is made from natural gas and crude oil, and helps cars run cleaner.

Dyno testing and tuning

Dyno testing is is a special test performed on your engine to evaluate the torque and rotational speed of an engine (i.e how strong & fast it is) to determine if your engine is running well.

Tyres, Mag Wheels and Wheel Alignments

We have a great selection of tyres; whether you need a quick puncture repair, a new set, or to have your wheels aligned - we've got you sorted.

Alarms, Stereos and Reverse Cameras

Whether it's alarms, stereos, or your reverse camera, our technicians have the skills to look at and diagnose any issues your vehicle might be having.

Transmission Servicing

Having your transmission serviced is a great way to avoid costly repairs down the road. We recommend having it inspected regularly to check for wear, if the fluids need replacing, and more.

Tow Bars - Supplying & Fitting

Fixed tow bars are a highly reliable and sturdy option for towing heavy loads or trailers, as they provide exceptional stability and strength.

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We have over 110 Auto Super Shoppes available to service your vehicle. It’s a known fact that regular vehicle servicing reduces the chance of major car part failures and avoids costly repairs.  

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