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We are your local Auto Super Shoppe in Blenheim

We aim to keep New Zealanders safe, so operating under any alert level we are taking all appropriate precautions necessary including contactless service, vehicle sanitation, proper workplace hygiene and social distancing. Please phone us to find out more and we will be happy to help with your vehicle enquiries. 

Auto Super Shoppe Blenheim started in 1975 when it was known as Topp Motors and is now operated by Jim and Dorothy Hasseldine. Jim has over 40+ years experience in the motor trade, and along with the two Jason’s, Clive & Grant, they have a collective staff knowledge of over 100 years which is a statement about “Passion and Commitment” to seeing vehicles “Purring Out The Drive”.  

Jim and Dorothy have owned the business since 2001, although Jim has been working here since 1986 and has been part of the management team since 1996.  Topp Motors became part of the Auto Super Shoppe network in 2011 and rebranded to become Auto Super Shoppe Blenheim in 2015.  

"Our Blenheim team have a unique skill base as they not only are parts & service agents for Kia Motors in Blenheim, but they also have diagnostic equipment & training to enable us to service & repair all popular makes of cars, SUV’s, 4WD’s and Light Commercial Vehicles. We offer full mechanical and automotive repair services including car servicing of all makes and models, Warrant of Fitness, engine diagnostics and brake and radiator repairs. Our speciality is in British & European Vehicles and our knowledge of Range Rovers, VW, Audi and other Classic Cars is there to solve your motoring needs. In recent years we have been servicing more and more campervans as they have gained popularity in the region."  

The team have among their resources 6 Diagnostic Scan Tools with two Autologic Tools plus a Bosch System, which are the cream of the diagnostic tools available in New Zealand.  As well, they have a transmission flusher, power steering flusher, coolant transfer machine and stock a full range of Castrol Oils to service your “special” vehicle.  Older Classic and Vintage cars are frequently seen in the workshop too, but if you have a problem with either the SRS/Airbag System or ABS/ESP Braking System we are ready to help!  

Auto Super Shoppe Blenheim has been a supporter of St Marks Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centre for over 10 years as well as a supporter of the Vintage Car Club in Marlborough for 15+ years.  "Come on in, we would love to meet you!"

Our Services

Regular car servicing ensures your vehicle is kept healthy and safe
Contrary to what you may think, the most common cause of mechanical failure in cars is not the engine, but the transmission!
We guarantee all our parts, be confident that our premium products and workmanship will provide the max kilometres from your brake pads
Having a faulty car battery is a common problem. In fact, a flat battery is the single most common reason for calling Roadside Rescue.
Should you replace the cambelt? Knowing the answer will be the difference between happy motoring OR a costly labour intensive repair
In a front wheel drive car, the CV (Constant Velocity) joints are what transfers power to the wheels, while steering at the same time
Having a faulty car battery is a common problem. In fact, a flat battery is the single most common reason for calling Roadside Rescue.
If you have noticed your car is handling poorly, it could indicate a problem with your shock absorbers or suspension system.

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