Utes and 4WD Servicing and Repairs

Kiwi's love their four wheel drives, work wagons and inner city utes.

Whether it be for carrying your tools to work, the dogs to the beach or running the kids to rugby, you'll see all types of New Zealanders driving all sorts of ute over all kinds of roads. 2WD or 4WD it doesn't matter. They stay on kiwi roads for longer and hold their value more than any other type of vehicle.

All this running around takes its toll, and if you don't look after your wagon it might just let you down, or lose value when you upgrade.

All over New Zealand tradesmen, off-road enthusiasts and everyday people trust Auto Super Shoppes mechanics to keep their utes on the road and great condition.

All makes and models:

Whether you drive your Amarok around Auckland streets or your Hilux on the farm in Hokitika, Auto Super Shoppes mechanics have the equipment and knowledge to look after your ute and keep you on the road.

If the transfer case on your 4WD needs a service, or your 2WD needs new tyres, we can help. European, Japanese, Korean or American, our skilled mechanics have seen them all before and provide great value servicing and repairs using only quality parts and lubricants.

Before you head off on your next adventure or get absorbed in your busy everyday life, make sure you call in to your trusted local mechanic at Auto Super Shoppes and get your 4wd or 2wd ute or wagon serviced by the best.

For work or play:

On the jobsite or the farm, when your work wagon is what gets you there and keeps you working, it's important that you use a mechanic you can trust to service and repair your ute. Avoid costly downtime and book in with Auto Super Shoppes today.

It's equally important that your kid's can rely on that afterschool pick up, or your mates can reply on getting home after a day fishing in the harbour. The reliability of your vehicle depends on the quality and regularity of its maintenance.

Don't risk it - book in for a service today, and don't delay those important repairs. Put your trust in Auto Super Shoppes so your family and friends can put their trust in you!

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