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Extra Services

Air Conditioning

We recommend having your vehicle’s air conditioner serviced every 2 years or so, as air con units lose approximately 10-15% of refrigerant gas per year. This can lead to issues with your system later down the line. We also suggest using it year round as it can seize up if left unused.

Otherwise, if your air conditioner isn’t running properly, and your windows are fogging up in winter and not working in the sweltering Summer, we’re here to help!

When you get a service with us, our mechanics will discharge, recharge, and lubricate your refrigerant system. We’ll also make sure to test your air conditioner’s compressor oil (if applicable) and change it if it’s due some new oil. Any leaks or cracks will be reported.

Automatic Transmission Repairs

It's important to keep your transmission in good function to ensure the longevity of your vehicle, its health, and any neighbouring parts that may break down if your transmission isn't functioning right. Without your transmission, your car wouldn't be able to transfer the power from its engine to the wheels, leaving your car unable to move.

Having a moving vehicle is obviously quite important! Therefore, we recommend having it serviced every 30,000-60,000kms to ensure its health, as per your vehicle's handbook, or if the Check Engine Light comes on. You might also hear the car make noises when accelerating or feel the car thump as it shifts gear.

Whatever issues you're having with your Automotive Transmission, Auto Super Shoppe Pukekohe has expert mechanics on hand to help. Contact us at 09 239 2734 for inquiries or quotes.

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We have over 110 Auto Super Shoppes available to service your vehicle. It’s a known fact that regular vehicle servicing reduces the chance of major car part failures and avoids costly repairs.  

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