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Car Repairs Petone Wellington

Auto Super Shoppe Petone is your local, one-stop-shop for complete vehicle repairs. No matter if you drive an Asian, Australian or European vehicle we have the skills, knowledge and equipment to do the job to the highest standard. We’re your trusted local mechanic who’s devoted to providing the friendliest service around and fixing your car right, the first time.

We are conveniently located in Petone and service the wider Wellington area. Check out below all the services we can provide or give us a call today.

Maintenance Services performed:
Vehicle servicing | Spark plug replacement | Cabin air filter replacement | Coolant system flush | Differential service | Engine air filter replacement | Fuel filter replacement | Fuel System Cleaning | Headlight restoration | Bulb and headlight replacement | Power steering fluid system flush | Serpentine belt replacement | Transfer case service | Transmission fluid system flush | Wiper blade replacement

Inspection Services performed:
Warrant of Fitness | Pre-Purchase Inspection

Diagnostics Services performed:
Check engine/warning light diagnostics | Systems scans | Component testing | Vehicle road testing | Emissions testing

Brake System Services performed:
Anti-lock Brake System repair | Brake adjustment | Brake fluid replacement | Brake pad replacement | Brake shoe replacement | Brake System Inspection | Caliper repair and replacement | Drum machining and replacement | Disc machining and replacement | Wheel bearing repair and replacement | Wheel cylinder repair and replacement

Exhaust System Services performed:
Catalytic converter replacement | Exhaust pipe replacement | Flex-pipe replacement | High-Performance Exhaust installation | Manifold repair and replacement | Muffler replacement | Oxygen sensor replacement | Tailpipe replacement

Drivetrain Services performed:
CV boot and axle replacement | Driveshaft repair and replacement | Motor mount replacement | Transmission mount replacement | U-joint replacement | Clutch replacement | Transmission service and replacement

Engine Services performed:
Tune-up service | Spark plug replacement | Cam-belt replacement | Engine replacement | Head-gasket replacement | Timing chain replacement | Engine overhauls

Heating and Cooling Services performed:
Air Conditioning System check |AC Compressor replacement | Condenser replacement | Coolant hose replacement | Heater core replacement | Radiator repair and replacement | Refrigerant evacuate & recharge | Thermostat replacement | Water pump replacement

Suspension Services performed:
Ball joint replacement | Coil spring replacement | Leaf spring replacement | Rack & pinion replacement | Shock & Strut mount replacement | Shock replacement | Steering component replacement | Strut replacement | Tie rod replacement

Starting and Charging Services performed:
Alternator replacement | Battery testing and replacement | Starter replacement | Starting/Charging System Check

Tyre Services performed:
Puncture repair | Tyre & wheel replacement | Tyre Inspection | Tyre mounting | Tyre rotation | Wheel balancing | Wheel Alignments

We are fleet service providers for several companies throughout New Zealand in addition to approved services provides for most vehicle lease companies. If you have a small or medium-size vehicle fleet we’d be happy to help.

We are also approved repairers for most major Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) companies.

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We have over 110 Auto Super Shoppes available to service your vehicle. It’s a known fact that regular vehicle servicing reduces the chance of major car part failures and avoids costly repairs.  

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