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ECU Chip Power Tuning Gore

ECU-SHOP are the largest manufacturer of Diesel aftermarket ECUs in the Southern Hemisphere with over 125 employees. Based in Thailand, 100% of the hardware design, software development and manufacturing is undertaken in-house, giving total control over quality. ECU-SHOP have developed the most powerful 4 cylinder diesels in the world with over 1,000hp and have set world records on the race track. The knowledge gained from these developments is applied to ECU-SHOP products that are used every day to Increase Power, Increase Torque, Improve Fuel Economy and Increase Throttle Response. Yes; you can have it all!

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Wide Range

ECU Shop

The ECU-SHOP product range starts at just $350 for the Boost Speed throttle response module, through to $2195 for the Touch Combo ECU for tuning Injector Duration, Injector Timing, Boost, Rail Pressure, Suction Control Valve, Throttle Response, Ramble Idle, and AUX ports delivering up to 85% more torque. With five other price points in between; there's a product for every budget and application.

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