The two critical factors to tyre safety are tyre pressure and tread.

Tread helps your car to grip the road when cornering and braking. Treads need to have a depth of 1.5mm across three quarters of the tyre to meet the legal safety requirements.

Tyre pressure is dictated by the level of tyre inflation. If it’s too high it will negatively effect on the overall wear, as well as the way your vehicle handles. If it’s too low, your car will use more fuel.


Wheel Alignment

If your wheels are out of alignment it will make it more difficult to handle your car. Correct wheel alignment will improve the lifespan of your tyres and make for better fuel economy. Some signs that indicate your vehicle may need a wheel alignment are:

  • Steering
  • Turning becomes difficult
  • Your car pulls to one side or the other while driving
  • Vibration while driving.

Additionally tyres may show the following,

  • Uneven wear on one side
  • Feathering
  • Flat Spotting

Did you know ...

It's your responsibility to ensure your vehicle's tyres are roadworthy.  Now that the warrant of fitness reforms are in place it's critical your tyres have enough tread between WOF inspection.  Failing to do this is not only unsafe but you can get fined.

We carry out a check on your tyres as part of every vehicle service at Auto Super Shoppes. 

The condition of your tyres has a significant impact on whether your car can pass the WOF test. We will always let you know when it’s time to replace your tyres before they become a liability.

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