Suspension & Shocks

If you have noticed your car is handling poorly, it could indicate a problem with your shock absorbers or suspension system.

Indicators of a problem like this are:

  • Taking longer to stop ( as much as 3m at 80kmph)

  • Aquaplaning on wet roads

  • Making noises when turning

  • Having trouble cornering

Worn or leaking shock absorbers cause a decrease in braking distance which can cause your vehicle to fail its WOF inspection, however WOF inspections don’t permit testing shocks and suspension directly.


The steering mechanism is designed to be sharp and responsive, letting the driver respond quickly to any changes in driving conditions. The other; your cars suspension, is designed to keep your tyres in contact with the road, eliminating road shock, thereby providing a more comfortable journey.

We understand these complexities and can expertly balance the two, creating the ultimate driving experience for both you and the safety of your passengers.

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Let Auto Super Shoppes take the anxiety and guess work out of the equation. Our access to unique technology allows us to detect any problems with your shocks, steering or suspension for repairs and give you a free report.

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