Warning Signs

A faulty radiator can lead to the worst kind of breakdown – an extremely expensive one, not to mention how impossible it can be to live down! Seeing a car on the roadside with steam billowing out from under the hood makes it pretty easy to tell what has gone wrong.

With time, a radiator can get blocked up with dirt or bugs, it can become damaged by stones. The plastic tanks which are attached to most radiators can be damaged by the constant heating and cooling of everyday use, leading to cracks.

A couple of signs that your radiator needs some attention are:

  • Overheating

  • Leaking onto driveway/garage floor.

The liquid you see pooling under your car isn’t just water, there is also: 

  • Water pump lubricant

  • Anti-freeze

  • Anti-boil

  • Anti-rust.

How we can Help

We recommend replacing these additives every 20,000Kms. It’s very important to understand the correct mixture of water to coolant that seasonal variations dictate. Too much, or too little can be harmful for your engine.

Radiator Flush
To clean out all the potentially damaging contaminants and sludge, we highly recommend a radiator flush. This allows the cooling liquid to flow with more efficiency throughout the engine, preventing overheating in the future.


Did You Know ...

The first thing you may notice if your radiator is blocked, especially in winter, is that your heater stops working.

Call us now if this has recently happened to you, to book your car in, avoiding a costly repair in the future.

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