Warning Signs

If your car is lacking power or is less responsive, the cause can often be traced to a blocked exhaust. We can easily correct this for you.

Our team will also look to see if your car exhausts and mufflers system has a leak. The health and safety of your passengers is crucial, as dangerous carbon monoxide fumes caused by a leak could be released into your car.

When you bring your car to an Auto Super Shoppe we can repair or install standard and modified exhaust systems no matter the size or shape of your vehicle.

Additionally, our knowledge regarding decibel limits on modified exhaust and muffler systems can save you from potential fines or infringement notices.


Car Exhaust Checkup

At an Auto Super Shoppe it’s part of the normal routine to run an emission's test during car exhaust servicing. In as little as 10 minutes we can make sure that you are running the right fuel for your engine and diagnose any exhaust repairs or muffler repairs that are needed.

A vehicle with a clean car exhaust and muffler system is a healthy vehicle. You should come and see us if your exhaust has become noisy, or you notice smoke behind you that obscures traffic.


Helpful Tip

You can check your exhaust system at home by looking at the panels around the exhaust pipe. If you see a build-up of dirt or discolouration, that is an indicator that things are not running as well as they should be.

Come in and see us if you are not sure, we’ll take a quick look at it free of charge. Our long history of looking after New Zealand motorists guarantees you will experience the difference that only Auto Super Shoppe mechanics offer.



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Have you heard the saying "prevention is better than the cure"? When it comes to your vehicle this is so true and will absolutely hands-down keep your automotive expenses to a minimum. For friendly advice contact us for an obligation-free quote.

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