Warning Signs

Complications arise when the protective rubber boot that serves as a cover, perishes and splits.

The protective grease leaks out, leaving the joint at the mercy of environmental factors like dirt and moisture. This causes the joint to wear at a much faster rate.

Be Proactive

Caught early, this can be repaired for as little as $150. The boot is easily replaced and packed with new grease. However if it is left for too long you might start to notice:

  • Clicking noises when turning hard right or hard left.
  • Clicking noises when driving in a straight line. If this should happen the car should not be driven!

The joint can lock up or jam, upsetting the stability of the vehicle. At this point you are looking from $250-$350 for a repair.

Did you know ....

CV joints are checked as part of your standard WOF or safety inspection, in addition to our regular servicing checklist. If you have noticed any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is highly likely that your CV joints are in need of repair.  Contact us today and ask about a CV joint Repair or CV Joint replacement cost.

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