Warning Signs

Signs that your clutch may be failing:

  • Shuddering when taking off

  • Difficulty with changing gears

  • Noisy gear shifts

  • The response from the clutch pedal has diminished

  • High revs from a standing start, or when going up hills.

Are you looking for gearbox repairs or clutch repairs Auckland, Clutch repairs Wellington, Clutch Repairs Christchurch? We are highly trained in diagnosing any problems of this nature. Our Auto Super Shoppes mechanics can service, repair, or replace your clutch if necessary. 

Service Information

Our Clutch Servicing Includes

  • Looking at the free-play (adjustment) in the clutch cable

  • Adjusting the clutch cable if needed

  • Checking the clutch fluid( hydraulic system)

You’ll be happy to know we can complete a clutch adjustment in less than 10 minutes.

Did you know ...

The way you drive plays a big part in the longevity of your clutch, for instance if you ride the clutch. This is when you keep the clutch partially disengaged. Doing this causes the clutch to be unable to engage with the flywheel, causing premature wear.

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