Warning Signs

If you are experiencing any of the following driving symptoms, it could indicate a problem with your brakes. It’s time for a brake service if…

It’s time you visited us if:

  • You can hear squealing when you brake.

  • Your vehicle is pulling to one side.

  • Your steering wheel feels like it’s shaking.

We offer brake repairsbrake pads - including replacement and general brake service  in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and around New Zealand - over 90 Auto Super Shoppes.

Your brakes are not able to be legally tested in a thorough manner during a routine WOF inspection. As the wheels are not removed, it is only the time it takes for your car to stop that is tested.

For the sake of safety, it is vital that any brake repairs be carried out straight away, with any worn or faulty brake pads or other parts quickly repaired or replaced.

How we can help?

Come in to see us, we can check for:

  • Splits in brake hoses

  • Rusty brake pipes

  • Leaks in the sealed system

We will also measure the brake fluid in your vehicle, while keeping in mind the different driving styles that can have an impact on their longevity.

Cheap brake pads are noisy, prone to squealing, cover the wheels in brake dust and most unfortunately only last a third as long.

If you find yourself often stuck in peak hour traffic, or live in a hilly area you need to be aware of the way in which it can affect your vehicle. Constant braking can cause your brake fluid to boil and thin out. This is commonly referred to as “brake fade”. Once this has happened, you will need to have your brake fluid replaced.

Helpful Tips

Be aware that brake fluid also absorbs water. Once it enters your system it can rust everything. Another important reason to have it regularly replaced.

Are you looking for Brake repairs Auckland, brake repairs Christchurch or brake repairs Wellington? Auto Super Shoppes have over 80 Shoppes across NZ.

We recommend a service and replacement at least every 2 years. You’ll be pleased to know we offer full brake machining in our workshops. We will advise you on the condition of your brakes. It’s all part of the service that we routinely provide for your benefit.

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Have you heard the saying "prevention is better than the cure"? When it comes to your vehicle this is so true and will absolutely hands-down keep your automotive expenses to a minimum. For friendly advice contact us for an obligation-free quote.

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