Why train with our Academy?

Automotive workshop owners are looking for people who are passionate about the Automotive Industry and who have the necessary skills and work ethic to contribute positively to the businesses profit and culture.

This unique accelerated 12-week course will prepare you for employment within the Automotive Industry. Graduating students are 100% supported in their endeavours to secure an offer of employment within the automotive industry. Since the academy began in 2017, all graduates have gained job opportunities as a result of completing the course. Many of our students have accelerated through the automotive trade by applying their Academy training and strong work ethic, with some moving on to managerial roles or even owning their own workshops.

What we teach our students puts Auto Super Shoppe Academy graduates in high demand. Our students are not only taught the practical and theoretical aspects on the trade, they are also prepared for the workforce and taught how to be valuable employees.

Our affiliation with New Zealand’s largest network of premium repairers, and New Zealand’s largest automotive part suppliers, and relationships across all aspects of the trade puts our graduates at the top of the pile for any future employer in the automotive industry.

What are the costs?

The cost of the 12-week course is $8,600 incl gst. You will also need heavy duty black pants or shorts, safety boots and a laptop or chrome book to commence the course.

There are finance options available to approved applicants, with a 20% deposit being required.

The fees are seen by our graduates and their support people as an investment. With all graduating students receiving a trade quality Jonnesway starter tool kit valued at $2000, and attaining offers of employment shortly after completing the 12-week course, the investment is quickly recovered. Once you start working as an automotive apprentice you will continue to learn but while doing so will also be earning a full-time wage.

With current wages being paid in the trade, it is likely that the full course costs will be recouped before the graduate even finishes their 90-day trial - making this a more financially sound opportunity than some of the much longer "fees free" courses that do not deliver the same results.

Skilled mechanics are in high demand in New Zealand and graduates that apply themselves in their trade once working can expect to earn great wages doing what they love.

The Application Process

There are limited places available per class to personalise the training maximize every learning experience. We want to make sure we offer those places to the students who are most passionate about having a career in the automotive Industry.

Applying to be accepted into the Auto Super Shoppes Automotive Academy is similar to applying for a job. We are interested in why you want to be a part of the Automotive industry and where you see your career path taking you. You will need to complete an application form and selected applicants will be requested to attend an interview with the Academy’s Tutor and a member of the Auto Super Shoppes Academy management team. School leaver’s parents will also be required to attend to ensure they are 100% supportive of the student’s chosen career and will encourage them to commit to the course and achieve to the very best of their ability.

If the interview proves successful and we are both satisfied the course is right for you and you have a strong likelihood of graduating, we ask you to come in the week prior to the course for an induction session to fit you out with your uniform and get you prepared to start learning from the time you start the course.