Auto Super Shoppes Automotive Academy

Turn your passion for cars into a challenging and rewarding career.

Auto Super Shoppe Automotive Academy students are fully supported into employment upon graduation. This is the only pre-trade course in New Zealand that can boast 100% job placement of Academy graduates for the last 3 years running!

Next available Intakes:
15th August 2022
26th September 2022
7th November 2022
16th January 2023

Business Model

Why train with us?

Auto Super Shoppe Owners are looking for people who are passionate about the Automotive Industry and want to learn from the best in the business. This unique accelerated 12 week course will prepare you for employment within the Automotive Industry. Graduating students will be 100% supported in their endeavors to secure an offer of employment within the automotive industry upon graduation. Auto Super Shoppe Academy graduates are in demand. Our affiliation with New Zealand’s largest network of premium repairers, and New Zealand’s largest automotive part suppliers puts our graduates at the top of the pile for any future employer in the automotive industry.

Return on Investment

Who will I be training with?

At the Auto Super Shoppes Automotive Academy you will be learning with individuals who are just as passionate and driven as you are. In this accelerated learning environment, you will not be held back by students who don’t want to put everything in to their future in the Automotive industry. You will be selected to attend the course because we are satisfied that you have what it takes and that you will turn up on time and be prepared. You will want to listen and be ready to learn from the best. You will not want to be held back in your education by distracted or disinterested students. Following that, you will be ready to continue your education while you earn.

Entry Criteria

What opportunities will be available to me at the end of the course?

Through out the course you will be placed one day a week in an automotive workplace to continue your training. This work experience placement could turn out to be your future employer as often job offers are given to our students (subject to them graduating).

After graduation we will continue to assist your efforts in securing employment in the industry. You will graduate with a Certificate of Competency for each training modules, and a Certificate of Graduation. These add great value to your resume as you can clearly demonstrate your abilities to your prospective employer. It gives them peace of mind they are hiring the right candidate that will be useful and valuable to them from Day 1.

The Auto Super Shoppe Automotive Academy is the only pre-trade course that can claim 100% job placement for all graduating students for the past 3 years running.

Tier One Suppliers

What is the cost?

The cost of the 12 week course is $8600 inc gst, plus course related costs – heavy duty black pants or shorts, safety boots, lap top.

Following the 12 week course, graduates will have acquired the necessary skills to be useful and valuable employees. They will continue to learn and while doing so will be earning a full time wage. It is feasible that the full course costs will be recouped before the graduate even finishes their 90 day trial - making this a more financially sound opportunity than the year long "fees free" courses.

This course is not eligible for "Fees Free Industry Training" but once you have graduated if you have not taken up the Fees Free offer elsewhere you will be entitled to claim your first two years of apprenticeship training under the Fees Free scheme.



There is a limit of only 10 places per course available to maximize every learning experience. We want to make sure we offer those places to the students who are most passionate about having a career in the automotive Industry. Applying to be accepted into the Auto Super Shoppes Automotive Academy is the same as applying for a job. We are interested in why you want to be a part of the Automotive Industry and where you see your career path taking you. You will need to attend an interview with the Academy’s Tutor and a member of the Auto Super Shoppes management team. School leaver’s parents will also be required to attend to ensure they are 100% supportive of the student’s chosen career and will encourage them to achieve to the very best of their ability.