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Mantic Clutch

Mantic performance clutches are fully engineered and made in Australia, calling on over 50 years of experience in manufacturing clutches.

We have now put that expertise into the development of a range of High Performance, Modular, Street and Track clutches. This is not a range of street modified clutches, but specially designed and built by qualified engineers with YOU and YOUR performance vehicle in mind.

Mantic performance clutches are designed and manufactured in Australia by engineers with full research and test facilities at their disposal.

Mantic Clutch Features:

  • Proudly Australian designed and engineered by qualified engineers

  • Dynamometer tested

  • Field tested on the street and track

  • Improved torque drive capability

  • Lower MOI (Moment of Inertia)

  • Modular design 5.5” 7.25” & 9” Dia.

  • Popular direct fit applications

  • ISO9001 Quality certified

  • SFI approval

For further information on Mantic Clutches please see our pricing menu or email us an enquiry. 

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