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Auto Super Shoppe Rangiora offers a complete range of Suspension, Shock Absorber and Steering services.

A car’s suspension is essential for a smooth and controlled ride. Without it, every little bump in the road would be felt, not only by you, but the rest of your vehicle’s components, causing more and more wear and potential damage with each journey.

Shock absorbers are a key part of the suspension system. Shocks are fluid filled tubes that work in tandem with a vehicle’s springs to absorb the impact caused by undulations and irregularities on the road surface. They basically connect the suspension to the car’s chassis, allowing you to roll over a bump without harming the occupants or components of a vehicle. It is the shock absorbers that take the impact instead of the entire car.

If your car is pulling to one side while you drive or your tyres are wearing unevenly, it might be a steering issue, and a wheel alignment could be necessary.

If your suspension, steering or shock absorbers are in need of repair, give us a call today and book in a check-up. These are key components of your car which need to work, not only to pass a WOF, but to keep you and others safe on the road.

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