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Types of services we offer

Air Conditioning 

If you feel your car is starting to lose its cool bring it into us for our car air conditioning repairs. Not only can we get your car back to its optimal health but we can also make your vehicle as comfortable as possible for you.

Car Batteries

You can get completely caught out with a flat battery and this is where we offer the old fashioned traditional family car doctor service. In no time we will be out, racing to where you are to bring your car back to life. We have a 12v battery to bring it back to life. We have a great range in car battery prices so we have an auto battery for everyone. We recommend the powerful Century Batteries, which are maintenance free and come with a 36 month warranty. We know these car batteries are of high quality and we stand by them. Actually so much so, we are a supplier and fitting agent for Century batteries.

Brake Repairs

We carry out full repairs & maintenance on all braking systems. So come in for a brake check, we'll test the brake mechanics, look at the brake pads and if necessary carry out a brake pad replacement. If it's something more serious well have no problem fixing that too. ABS brake repairs? No problem.


We are "cambelt specialists" The cambelt is one critical part that has a limited life and if ignored can lead to catastrophic engine damage. Ignoring its condition is tempting hospitalisation for your car along with unwanted surgeon's fees. We will fit a new cambelt and carry out other checks to ensure worry free motoring. 

Sometimes cambelt replacements need additional parts such as a tensioner, idle bearings or even a new water pump. We check these things as a matter of course, because a job half done, is no saving at all.

Car Repairs

We carry out all types of car repairs, from small automotive repairs through to full engine repair, electrical repair, rebuilds and modifications. Car repairing is second nature to us.

Our technicians regularly attend auto repair courses and are right up to date with the changing trends in auto technology. You save time and money because we are already trained to treat your car's modern ailments.

Car Servicing

The Best Automotive Clinic specialises in all vehicle services and repairs, with the collaboration of our technicians having over 35 years experience in this field. Our workshop has been family owned for over 22 years and is still at the same premises for the entire time. 

When we at do a motor vehicle service there are a series of maintenance procedures we carry out at a set time interval or after the car has travelled a certain distance as the age and fuel type of your vehicle can make a big difference to the car service.

CV Joints

One of the most common symptoms of worn CV joints is an incredibly annoying clicking noise, which you hear from the wheels every time you turn a corner. Worn CV joints are a safety issue not to be ignored. It is possible for the CV joint to drop out or even seize.

A CV joint or a CV boot is an easy fix, so come visit us today for a CV joint replacement or a replacement CV boot.

Suspension & Shock Absorbers 

If your car has a drifting feeling when you take a corner or you and your passengers feel like you a bouncing on a cranky old trampoline – then your wheels will be losing contact with the road. Good car suspension is a very important part of your handling, it can reduce tyre wear and keep your tyres firmly and safely on the road.

Testing of suspension is free of charge and the auto technicians also carry out wheel alignments once the job is done. To stop your car handling like a sponge or to release yourself from those frightening braking experiences, stop in today and have a chat

For all other services, give us a call today or stop in store to have a chat, we welcome the conversation!

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