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When your car is due for servicing, taking your vehicle to Auto Super Shoppe Albany is the right choice.

Regular car servicing is the wisest step to ensure safe travels with your family – after all, you have precious cargo onboard! It’s also the most effective preventative step you can take to protect you from vehicle breakdown in future.

Making a selection from our pre-priced menu board options is a great way to ensure there are no nasty surprises on the bill when you come to pick up your car. You can see exactly what you’re getting with each service.

You’ll also be pleased to know that if any repair work is found, we will always bring it to your attention for approval before work commences.

This includes:

  • Wynns Engine flush to clean out the old oil.

  • New Oil & Oil filter

  • Check Radiator coolant level

  • Check Battery levels

  • Check Power steering fluid levels

  • Check Windscreen washer levels

  • Check Differential levels

  • Check Gear Box / Transmission levels

  • Check Remove wheels, check & adjust brakes

  • Check tyre pressure

  • CV boots

  • …and more!

Find out more about our services offered by selecting the price menu to view the Premium, Comprehensive and Standard (essential car servicing) packages for your vehicle or phone us today on 09 415 8569.

It’s a great idea to combine your Warrant of Fitness with the car service of your choice to have all of the necessary essentials checked as the Warrant of Fitness does not cover all aspects of your vehicle. For example, engine, clutch, gearbox and differential; lubricant levels and condition; brake pad life expectancy, but they can be checked as part of a vehicle service.

Service maintenance can save you time and fuel by replacing small parts and taking care of your vehicle to keep you going!



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