Industry Lead Training - What a Novel Approach

Young people with a passion for everything automotive now have an opportunity to experience premium training direct from a premium automotive brand.

Auto Super Shoppes Automotive Academy will open its North Shore, Auckland doors on September 11; the classroom and workshop facility will offer school leavers the chance to learn skills directly related to the industry in a setting that demands the same can-do attitude they’ll be expected to display as an apprentice.

Successful graduates are guaranteed an offer of employment with one of over 80 Auto Super Shoppes around New Zealand, or in one of their 100+ associated automotive parts suppliers, tyre shops, engine or transmission rebuilders. 

General Manger of Auto Super Shoppes, Kellie Tremayne, explains the main point of difference in this new venture.

“Unlike other automotive pre-trade courses that take up the best part of a full school year, the Academy will offer an accelerated learning opportunity that will take place over 12 weeks. It will be a mix of automotive workshop and classroom education. The students will be expected to turn up on time, with the right attitude, prepared and ready to learn. 

“They will be taught automotive skills that will see them join the workforce as a valuable and contributing staff member from day one. However, more importantly, they will also be taught good work ethic. This is what a future employer will expect of an Auto Super Shoppes Academy Graduate – students will be learning this alongside others who are just as passionate with a high level of motivation to succeed.”

In return, students get an extremely high standard of education. With a bespoke fifteen placements in each 3-month intake, the learning environment is more personal than at larger institutions. Students will also be learning from one of the best and most experienced automotive tutors in New Zealand. Rob Humphreys has over 20 years in the trade – at 20 years old the ex-pat Brit was a master technician, and later qualified as a marine technician. He has been workshop foreman, technical institute lecturer and mechanical engineering operations manager, and he is as keen to teach workshop etiquette as technical skill.

While the Auto Super Shoppe Automotive Academy aligns its teachings to the MITO apprenticeship curriculum, the pre-trade course has a focus on around 20 core competencies that workshop owners want the students to have from day one.  This level of industry consultation into the course curriculum is unique to the Auto Super Shoppes Academy and will be the key to both organisation and student success.

The Academy is fully supported by a number of automotive industry heavyweights, including BNT, Century Batteries and Repco. Their backing signals not only their respect for quality workmanship in an exciting industry, but also their enthusiasm to help pave a wide range of career pathways for graduates of this carefully considered education programme.

“The demand for qualified technicians is higher than ever” stresses Tremayne.

“Our chain of premium automotive repairers recognise that to develop and grow this essential skillset, we need to attract the right calibre of student and train them to the high standard expected of an Auto Super Shoppe technician. If you know someone who lives and breathes everything automotive, then this is the pre-trade course for them.”

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