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At Auto Super Shoppes we have invested in the latest computerised car air conditioning repair equipment. We want you to have confidence in our team when booking in for a car air conditioning service.

If you are about to head off on a long journey with your family, keeping your car cool and comfortable is a great way to keep everyone happy.

The safety aspects of a well maintained car air-conditioning system are sadly often overlooked. Your air-conditioning system aids to control the humidity levels in your car, stopping drivers from becoming drowsy. We all know how fast a windscreen fogs up, especially if you drive a people mover and have just picked up a load of wet and dirty kids! With one push of the A/C button your windscreen will quickly demist.

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We have seen the emergence recently of mobile air conditioning servicemen leaving their customers confused and frustrated as their air con breaks down not long after a service.

This happens because some mobile mechanics only top up the gas, failing to give the system the lubrication it needs to run smoothly. We guarantee a complete and comprehensive service. Topping up both the gas and lubricant are included as a normal part of our service to you.

You can save a lot of money by booking in for an air-conditioning service too. If the gas gets too low, it can damage your air conditioning pump, which will cost thousands to fix.

We recommend getting this seen to every 3 to 4 years, as your car will have lost half of its gas after 4 years.

Did you know?

Our service involves discharging, recharging and lubricating your refrigerant system. If applicable to your vehicle, we also test the compressor oil and change it if required.

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Have you heard the saying "prevention is better than the cure"? When it comes to your vehicle this is so true and will absolutely hands-down keep your automotive expenses to a minimum. For friendly advice contact us for an obligation-free quote.

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